Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From Doug Larson, President of Inspire Graphics

In light of the rumors that have surfaced on several forums recently, I approached Doug Larson, the owner of Inspire Graphics, to clarify the relationship between his company and Provo Craft. This is his reply that I have just received a few minutes ago:

I hope that this makes it clear, once and for all, that Inspire Graphics, and the companies that it owns, including Lettering Delights, and scrapnfonts, are not owned by Provo Craft.



  1. Thanks Jin! I already knew this but I didn't want the rumors hurting LD.

  2. If anything maybe this will make more people aware of LD! Let's hope. I mean, come on! 31 svgs for $2.00? Even regular price $5-6 is AMAZING!

  3. Hi Jin. Thank you for posting this. I wasn't aware of the flap going on at Facebook, nor would I ever want to harm a great enterprise such as LD to be sucked into the abyss of lawyers, reputation struggles, etc. In my opinion, there is plenty of room in the Big Ocean of Crafting for resources such as the talented graphics/SVG designers who help us indulge our hobby, along with the giant fish like ProvoCraft who sell cartridges to enable those without computer savvy or interest to make better projects.

    It's sad that competition and greed and the "Almighty Dollar" has come to infect our Little Craft World. I use my craft room to escape the harsh realities of Real Life; I wish we could just all go back to being all helpful and supportive friends -- even the "giant fish" of the World.

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey