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Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 days...

5 days to the last day of school and I am just realizing that the only way for me to sit down and plan for summer activities is to blog about it. Yup, with all the distractions that is in my life, blogging about the things I want to do seems to be the only way to plan for anything.

Listed below are some projects that I want to do with the kids this summer. I found some of the ideas from surfing online while a few are from stalking my friend, Ruthie's ( Pinterest board. For those of you who are like me and are also scrambling to put together a list of to-dos for the kids, I hope that today's post will give you a couple of ideas.

Want-To-Do List (in no particular order of preference):

from LD Facebook page

LD posted this idea on their Facebook 2 weeks ago and to me, this is definitely a must-do!

My friend, Ashley (she really does exists! Surely you didn't think that I made her up for this post, did you?) and I talked about having a Sprinkler/Bubble party the other day and I thought that this Bubble Refill Station from  will be perfect for the occasion. I've already bought the plastic container from Target ($5.99) and I am so going to fill it up with homemade bubble solution.
I've been saving my paper towel tubes for a project like this cardboard tube owls by . The project looks kid-friendly and any craft that includes painting will be a hit with my girls.
I'm always in search of paper plates projects for my kids and this Paper Plate Tropical Fish by looks like another activity that they will enjoy.

My girls love paper dolls and I know that they will enjoy playing/creating with the LD Glam Girls Paper Dolls. The set has 75 different cuts of clothes and accessories! I'm going to cut some of them out so the kids can piece them together in the way they want.
My kids are avid readers and we can always use some new bookmarks. I think that it'll be fun to make these page corner bookmarks by with them.
I was so thrilled when I first found these downloadable Angry Bird templates by! My kids LOVE the Angry Birds but this is one project that Mommy will probably have to complete for them.

Here's another project for the kids that should keep them amused for a little while. The tutorial for the Ladybug Rocks can be found at


So, what do YOU have planned for your kids to do in the Summer? If you have any good ideas, do tell! :-)

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  1. The bubble jug is a wonderful idea. Maybe something like this for water balloons too. Of course, it would only work for little kids and water balloons as bigger ones want the power of the hose!

  2. WOW What AWESOME ideas. I have my nieces this summer and love these

  3. I love the bookmarks, my son loves to read and I'm always seeing the tops of certain pages folded to remind him where he left off. This is a cute and fun way to help him and my daughter with tracking their pages. :)

  4. I love your ideas. The bubble station is fantastic and those lady bug rocks are so much fun. First we can search for rocks and then we can paint them. Perfect.

    Here is one for you (as long as you don't mind a mess). Shaving cream painting. You add tempera paint to a container filled with shaving cream. Mix it up and then paint on either butcher paper or the sidewalk, driveway, etc.

    They end up standing in the paint, painting themselves and generally making a complete mess but it is a blast. This can be done with really little ones also.