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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weather Wheel!

I have twin girls who are in 2nd grade this year and even though they have watched me cut out so many Lettering Delights graphics and SVGs, they have never been more excited about what I cut than the weather wheel from the Weather Girls SVG set.

"Mom! MOM! Can you make more? We are learning about the weather in class! We can use this!" 

"Mom! Can I pleassssseee have this one? PLEEEAAASSSSEEEE??"


Making this weather wheel was super fun but I do have a few tips to share with you in case you are thinking of making one too.

1. To get the weather symbols in the correct position (so that they show in the window), I used the top window layer as a guide. Like that:

2. To get the raindrops in the correct position under the rain cloud, I used the negative of the cutout as a guide. Like that:

3. I wanted to make a big weather wheel and mine ended up being 10.5" x 10.5". To make the wheel more sturdy, I thought of cutting out a cereal box to use as the base layer but I was not able to find a cereal box that big. What worked for me, was a piece of the backing from a DCVW paper stack. I had to do a multi-cut of 2 in Make-the-Cut but it was perfect for the base.

Of course I couldn't just stop at the weather wheel. I had to cut out the weather girls too. 

Aren't they sweet? I *heart* this set. You can get yours by clicking here.


  1. Bravo! These are too cute. I just adore these cute little girls. The buttons on the coat are just the finishing touch!

  2. Adorable project Jin! I can see why your girls were so excited about this, it is too cute. Thanks for the tips too!

  3. Those girls are adorable!! Your weather girls are cute too. ;)

  4. Oh how cute!! My daughter in 1st grade would love this!

  5. This is adorable. I am going to be featuring your tips on this for the Thursday's Tutorials at Fantabulous Cricut.

  6. Excellent results! And thanks for the tips. Since I bought the 1400 SVG sale the other day, I now own this set. Maybe I'll make one for my boys. Did you use the default size settings or did you increase the size to 10.5? It looks adorable!