Monday, January 17, 2011

LD Sneak Peek: Frogs and Kisses

"Have I TOAD you that I love you?" ???
Bwahahhahahaha! I love love LOVE this set already. :-)


  1. O. M. G. You know I am going to have to buy this set.

  2. I know! This set was totally made for you! They should just name it "Gale". LOL!

  3. Oh, YAY! I love froggies!!!

    I wanted to let you know that I enjoy visiting your blog soooo much! Thank you so much for sharing your creative projects! I'm passing on a blog award to you...the Stylish Blogger Award. Please visit my blog for the details. :o) Thanks again for sharing!


  4. This set is the "ribbit" and will be great for my prince charming.
    Can't wait for the release!!!

    Thanks Jin

  5. Too cute! I cannot wait for this one to come out! They are doing an awesome job on the svg files - I love too many of them - haha!