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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LD-MTC Beginner Series: VIDEOS! How to Import SVG; How to PRINT text with MTC

If you are just joining us in this series, you have missed the following chapters:

1. Why I am writing this series:
Because I once was a newbie...

2. Who this series of tutorials is for: 
 LD-MTC Beginner Series: Why you need this. 

3. How to set up the Cricut to use MTC

Today I will show you 

How to Import a SVG into MTC and 
How to Print Text with MTC.

You will need:

- 1 sheet of black cardstock
- 1 sheet of white cardstock
- 1 sheet of red cardstock
- 1 sheet of regular printer paper (for test printing)
- 2 sheets of different patterned cardstock
- TXT LongHand font from Lettering Delights
- Cupid SVG file from Lettering Delights
 - a decorative border punch (I'm using the border punch from  Martha Stewart Crafts Cherish Punch-Around-the-Page Set

If you do not already have the font and svg from Lettering Delights, just click here and here to add the files to your cart. To check out, click on View Cart and continue to complete the transaction. Once you have downloaded the font and SVG, you are ready to start this project.

1. Cut the white, black, and 1 sheet of patterned cardstock to the following sizes:

  • White: 10" x 7". Fold the long side down so that you have the 5" x 7" card base.
  • Black: 4.75" x 6.75". Set the remaining portions aside. You will need them later.
  • 1 sheet of patterned cardstock: 4.5" x 6.5". 

2. Start MTC and Click on the Import SVG button. Locate the Cupid SVG file on your computer. 

3. Select cupid-03 and check the box next to Use Actual and enter 72 in the box next to DPI. Click Open.

4. Click outside the blue bounding box so that the layers are not hightlighted. Bring cursor over the image so that only the top layer is highlighted. 

Click on the layer and drag it out by holding your left mouse button and moving the layer to the other side of the mat. Once you have separated the top layer from the bottom layer, your MTC mat should look like this:

5. Place the other piece of patterned cardstock on the cutting mat together with a leftover piece of black cardstock and load the mat into the Cricut.

6. Click on the blue scissors on MTC to cut and Unload the mat when the Cricut is done cutting. 

In case anyone needs a video for Steps 2 to 6, just watch this:

7. Remove the cutouts from the mat and adhere both layers together. I used my Zig 2 way glue (Squeeze & Roll)

8. How to Print from MTC:

To print out the sentiment ...

a.)First you have to add the font temporarily so that you can use it in MTC. To do so, click on the Add Font button under the Text and Font Tab.

b.)The Open Font File window will open. Locate the txtlongh.ttf file and click on the Open button. Your font has now been temporarily added for use in this session of MTC.

c.) To put text on the mat, click on the "Add a group of characters" button. The "Add Text Group" window will pop up. Type "Be Mine" on the box and make sure that the boxes next to Auto Split and Vertical are left unchecked. Click on the "Add" button. 

d.) With the text still highlighted by the blue bounding box, move your cursor to the Sel. Prop. Bar on the top menu bar. With the LOCK button in a locked position, enter the following values for X,Y, and W, making sure to hit Enter every time you finished entering a value.

The LOCK represents the locked aspect ratio. By entering the value for W (width), the H(height) will automatically adjust so that the shape of the text/image is retained.

e.) Go to the Virtual Mat tab and uncheck "Outline Shapes"

f.) If you are using a color printer, change the color of the text by going to Layer Properties and selecting black from the color palette.

g.) If you like, you may do a test print of the sentiment on regular printer paper. If not, you may load the red cardstock into the printer and print by clicking on File, and then Print.

Here is another video to walk you through Step 8. Please note that I had added the font for use in only this session of MTC. You will have to add the font again if you close and re-open MTC. If it is a font that you see yourself using often, you might want to install it permanently on your computer and you will then not have to add it every time you open MTC. It will already be there when you start the program.

9. Trim the printed cardstock, leaving a 0.5" margin from the bottom edge. Cut the strip so that it measures 6.5" long from the right edge. Use your MS border punch to make a decorative border on the bottom edge.

10. Adhere all the layers together with tape. Use foam tape to stick the Cupid onto the card with foam tape for added dimensions.

Ta-da! You've just made your first MTC card!

Come back tomorrow and I will show you how to use a Lettering Delights' Doodlebat in MTC.


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    I really like this punch, hope it is still available, must find it. GGGGGGG

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