Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Official: MTC 3.2.0 is out of beta!

update dec 16

MTC v.3.2.0 is now out of beta and is the latest official version. The beta was released on Tuesday and the following post is mostly based on my experience with that beta version.

So MTC v.3.2 beta was released on Tuesday and I've been reading about it from the various MTC forums. I did attend the webinar but didn't actually got around to cutting anything until last evening. Hubby needed a couple of tags for his gifts and I was excited to finally try the new MTC. 

I downloaded the program and installed it over my MTC v.3.0 beta. Once opened, the program looks very similar to the environment in MTC v.3.0 beta so I was able to jump right into tracing the tags.

I used the Lettering Delights Peppermint Holiday Tags and Frames set and converted it into a cuttable with my Photoshop method. Then I realized that I could have skip all that if I had just used the Doddlebat version instead. Ack! Why am I always doing things the hard way?

Having gone to too many forums and read too many threads about the new MTC, I was a bit apprehensive but hey, no pain no gain, so I took a deep breath and turned on my Cricut Expression. My laptop is connected to the E via the USB cable that came with Cricut Design Studio.

I load the paper and mat into the E and went back to MTC to select my cutter.

I hit the Scissors button, and then the "Start" button to cut at the "Optimal" speed.

What happened next is shocking. After I click "Start", nothing happened for about 2 seconds and then my E starting cutting at an astonishing speed. OMG, I never knew that it was capable of such speed. It actually scared me for a while. Seriously, it was as if it was on Cricut Crack!

Once it finished cutting and I had picked up my jaw off the ground, I put together the layers and finished off the tags.

MTC v.3.2 is FUN. The speed at which it makes my E cuts at is so fast, it's almost scary. If you have not tried out the new MTC, here are a few things that you should know.

If you want to cut at a fast speed like I did, you need the firmware on your Cricut machine to be at v2.34. You can see what version you have by looking at the screen on your Cricut when you turn it on. If you need to update the firmware, go to the Cricut Design Studio page and scroll down to no. 6. Note that if you do not own Cricut Design Studio, you will need to download the free trial version so that you can use it to update your firmware.

To use the fast speed, you will also need to connect to your Cricut with a USB cord and not through a USB Hub. I am using the USB cord that came with my Cricut Design Studio.

If you do not care for the faster speed nor are you interested in updating the firmware, you will have to check the "Do not use serial communication" box when you cut.

The first time that you cut with MTC v.3.2, set your cutter as I have shown above. Once that is done, you will not have to select the same cutter every time that you cut (unlike in v.3.0 beta).

There is a ton of information available to you in the MTC forum and the MTC_Tuts yahoo group. If you have any questions about MTC v.3.2, I urge you to pop into any of these groups and find your answer there.

If you don't already have MTC, why not? Click here to get your free trial or just get your copy here

Edit to add:

These are the latest firmware versions that is required for your machine to cut at the faster speed:

Cricut Expression/Cake: 2.34
Cricut Create: 1.54
Cricut Personal Cutter: 1.34


More Edit to add ( dec 16, 8:15pm) :
If you bought the colored E (with flourishes) from Walmart on Black Friday, it probably came with firmware v2.35 like my yellow E did. I just made a test with MTC v3.2 and it cuts the same as my red E that I was using before that has firmware v2.34


  1. My pleasure and thank YOU too! ;-)

  2. Thank Jin, I tried to update 4 times this morning. I will play with it later on today.


  3. JIn, after one of the last comments i posted and an email you sent me..i went ahead and purchased the MTC OMG i am so glad that i did.. i love the fact that the updates are free (and i will be making a donation to Andy just for the simple fact that he offers that) it is alot easier than the other cutting software i had purchased and easier to understand....the first cut i made was following your doodlebat penguin card! you rock! your site rocks! your advice rocks! thanks again

  4. thank you so much for your feedback, i have also tried a few different software and i am scared to try something else. but now i think i will try this and see how it goes.

  5. Yay, YOU ROCK, Jenny! :-) I'm so glad that you jumped right in too. MTC makes Cricut-ing so much more fun! If you had attended a webinar, you will know that the support from the admin for the program is phenomenal too. :-)

  6. Hey Leti, I can understand the apprehension. You can download the free trial and give it a try first before deciding if MTC is for you. The program is really easy to use but you really have to try it out first. :-) Just click on the "Free Trial" button on the right column of this blog to download.