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Friday, December 3, 2010

1 min Video Tutorial: How to import Lettering Delights SVG file for MTC

Is everyone having fun playing with the LD svgs? If you have not downloaded your free svg files, just go here to add them to your cart.

I have made a quick 1 min video tutorial that shows how to import a LD svg image onto the MTC mat. I am currently using MTC v.3.0.0 beta and I have found it necessary to use the "Reverse Order"  command to correct the order of the layers before using "To Each It's Own" in this version of MTC. The video below will show me doing that.




  1. Thanks for this video. The Reverse Order is really important, but now I'm able to separate these in record time. I'm blown away. Can't wait to see what other SVG files they come up with.

  2. Julie,
    I download the 2 free sets last night and of course I had to play.
    I was able to get them brought in and "broken apart, on individual layers, and recolored to match the color values of the designs.
    Your video makes it so much easier to do all the above. I didn't know about "Reverse the Order" and "To Each its Own".
    You always make these things so much easier!!
    Thanks for all your help and wonderful instructions.
    Now a couple of questions: Do the pdf's that come with the designs and show the graphics are the pictures the same size as the designs. Is there away to use the pictures as textures in the cut file?
    I took the picture into photoshop to determine the exact color of each part and then gave each part in the cut file that color thru the color box in MTC "Custom Color". That worked great or you could color them any color you choose. I just wanted to see if I could make the cut file look exactly like the LD picture. I haven't cut anything yet. But hope to do that sometime today.

    LD doing this is so exciting, I hope they plan to do this with the older sets also.

    Thanks again. Linda

  3. Hello Jin Yong! I love your stuff and it IS exciting to not have to use two programs to import these files. I wonder how a more complicated image, like the spotted letters in the new dog-svg collection would look? I am so pleased they chose you to test drive, since you have been one of LD's most ardent supporters - much more enthusiastic and creative than their own in-house blogger. I use SCAL2 and its features are much the same, although the new MTC clearly has leaped ahead with its new version. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks so much for the video - it is really easy to see how you can be cutting one of these in no time flat!! I am really glad that LD is doing this - I have been an LD clip art junkie for awhile now and I am glad to see them producing SVG files. (My wallet is probably less glad, LOL.)

  5. I can't believe how easy you make it. Every time I visit your site I learn something new. Thank you so much. You are amazing.