Friday, October 15, 2010

NEW! LD Witch One Paper Dolls plus 20% coupon

Oh lookie! Lettering Delights has just released a new Best Witches Party Collection of 13 sets of printables, graphics, and background papers. My favorite of the collection has got to be this paper doll set:
Seriously how cute is this Witch One graphic set? You get to build your own Paper Doll Witch! Here's a new 20% coupon to make that $4 pre-coupon price a little sweeter:


  1. Those little witches are SO much cuter that the bug eyed creatures on that Best Friends Imagine cartridge. Thanks for the coupon.

  2. On question though, what's that thing in the lower right corner? Sort of looks like bandaids, but I'm sure that's not what it is.

  3. Those are clothespins, GaTechGal. If you look at the Best Witches set (, there is an image there with a clothes line and those clothespins are holding the clothes up. :-)