Sunday, October 10, 2010

My LD list

A few days ago, reader jayma15 asked the above question which made me realize that I've never posted a list of my favorite Lettering Delights sets even though I've been posting about my LD projects. There are a lot of LD fonts and graphic sets that I really really like and since I can't list them all, I will narrow down the list and just post my twelve must-have graphic sets. Some, if not all, of the images in these sets can be converted into Cricut-cutables using my method as shown in my 10-Steps tutorial. With the exception of the clipart set Funky Town, I have previously posted at least 1 project that I have made with these sets. The post is listed next to the name of the set. The sets are listed in no particular order of preference and in no particular level of difficulty of converting into cricut cutables. They are just my personal favorites which I find myself wanting to use all the time.

My List:


  1. thanks for sharing these! I just picked up a few you mentioned, as well as Autumn-licious, Santa Suit (thought this would make a cute kid's activity!), Sweet Tooth, and Moody-licious just to name a few! Looking forward to creating some neat things, thanks to your tutorials!

  2. Those are some great choices you have there, jayma15! I adore that owl in Autumn-licious and I use it whenever I can. Moody-licious is a great companion set to Monster-licious. Santa Suit is super cute and I love your idea of using it for a kid's activity. There are so many great sets on the site, it's so hard to not want them all. LOL. You are going to have so much fun with them and if you can, do share what you've done. I would love to see what you've made with the LD sets. Enjoy! :)