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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Lettering Delights Graphics and a Coupon!

Lettering Delights is going Vintage! Check out their new sets and while you're there, you might want to poke around and see if there are any more fonts or graphics that you might want to add to your collection. Better get 'em while they are still a buck because Dollar Days are ending in less than 2 weeks. Here's a coupon to make the deal sweeter:


  1. I SO love vintage and wish they would do more. An Alice in Wonderland or Beatrix Potter set would be HEAVENLY. But I really love the balloons and pigs as well. Thanks for posting.

  2. Do you get a commission if I click through your site, versus an email I get from LD? If you do, i want to make sure I go through you, you've taught me so much!!

  3. GaTechGal: I love the balloons! There's so much you can do with all the balloons I'm not sure where to start cos' I want to do them all NOW. LOL!

    jayma15: Thanks for asking. I am a LD affiliate so yes, I do get some kickback when my link is used to get to the LD site and a purchase is made. Thanks so much for your support. :-)