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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cut-and-Print Shaped Cards

The twins went back to school today and before I dive into the kiddie mess that they have left behind for me to clean up, I will show you quickly what I did with the cut-and-print technique this morning. 

I made this mini card from using LD's Around the World graphic set and MTC. All the steps are the same as my cut-and-print tutorial but instead of stopping after I made the shadow layer in MTC, I made a shaped card by welding a mirror image of a duplicate of that shadow. Then I adhered that over the printed image and run the paper through my printer.

There are days when I love to create and put together layers, and then there's today when a quick printed card will do. ;) Even though this post is short, I hope that it inspires you to create something cool and new.

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