Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Made by Melba Guio, and Clover Edison

While I was away on vacation over Christmas break, both Melba and Clover shared some of their projects on my Facebook page. I was so happy when I saw them! It always makes my day when I find out that my posts and tutorials have been a source of inspiration for somebody. :-)

I love Melba's Make A Wish card that was inspired by my Fairy Special Birthday post. It is not easy to make a print-and-cut shaped card and I thought that she did a beautiful job!

made by Melba Guio

Melba's take on my Letter Stationery Set was also a great success. What a wonderful idea to make it as a butterfly-themed kit and with a matching envelope to boot. I love it!

made by Melba Guio

I adore Clover's version of the Pull-Out Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder. Using washi tape to affix the gift card adds color to the project while a little jingle bell on the card front makes it so much more festive. Love love LOVE!!

Thank you, Melba and Clover for sharing your projects! ♥

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