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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Cameo Cards

When LD released their Simply Spooky collection the other day, I knew I just had to cut out those Cameos. I've always enjoyed using the LD Simple Shapes- they are so easy to put together (Only 1 layer!) but so versatile! CLICK HERE to see some of the projects that I have made using Simple Shapes.

The Simply Spooky - Cameo Simple Shapes are no exception. They may look intricate but my Silhouette Cameo cut them out easily. For the two cards that I am sharing today, I actually cut each of the simple shapes 3 times and layered them together to add some dimension. I also heat-embossed the top layer of the witch cameo with black embossing power to add texture to the card.

As much as I like the simplicity of the Simple Shapes, sometimes I just want to add a little color to the design. For example, I wanted the skeleton to look out of a colored frame, just like the style in the Simply Spooky Graphic Set. Since there is no corresponding Cut Set for those graphics, I used Silhouette Studio to remove the skeleton from the frame.

I am using Silhouette Studio v2.9.67d (a.k.a. Legacy version). If you are using a different version of the software, your screen may look different from mine but you should still have the MODIFY tool in your program.

One more thing... the greeting on both cards were cut out from a scrap piece of vinyl that I had leftover from a previous project. I used the vinyl cut-out on one card and the negative for the other.

Clever, eh? lol.

File used:
Simply Spooky  - Cameos - SS (SVG included)


  1. Can i ask what paper you used? I love that the color palet isn't too dark. Thanks and love the idea!

    1. These patterned papers are really nice with a slight texture to it. They are from Carta Bella's All Hallow's Eve collection.

  2. Jin, What transfer paper are you using to place your vinyl on paper. I must have some too sticky as they pull up the paper when I rub the vinyl on. Thank you.

    1. I used the transfer paper that I got with my vinyl and it worked beautifully. I have tried using contact paper and that it was too sticky. I got it to work nicely after I remove some of the stickiness by pressing it onto some fabric (e.g. jeans) before transferring the vinyl. Hope that helps! :)