Thursday, September 29, 2016

TUTORIAL: How to Make Note Cards from Bag Toppers in 5 Easy Steps

LD is giving away a free printable file this week that is intended for use as treat bag toppers. The Hinterland graphics look so cute I thought they would look adorable as note cards too.

If you'd like to make these note cards, here's a quick tutorial for you. I used Silhouette Studio DE (Legacy) but you can easily make them using any other versions of the software as well.

STEP 1: Draw a 4"x3.5" rectangle. Set the line size to 0 so that the box will not be printed.

STEP 2: Fill the box with one of the PNG files included in the set. I just drag-and-drop the image into the box.

STEP 3: Type in the greeting and align it where ever you want it to show on the card.

STEP 4: Use Fill Color to show the text in black and set the Line Color to transparent.

STEP 5: To help position the card on the paper so that there is enough room to cut it out, draw a 4"x7" rectangle. Align the card front to the right of the larger box and center the whole thing on the page. You can set the line size of the bigger box to 0 so that it will not be printed out or you can set it to a very light grey to use as a guide for manual cutting.

Now just print and cut it out. You can fit two cards to a page and manually cut them out with a paper trimmer. You can also use print-and cut. Don't forget to turn on the registration marks if you are doing the latter.

Personally, I thought it was easier to cut out the cards manually and so I did just that. I also rounded the corners with a corner rounder.

Today is the last day to get the file for free so hurry and get it if you have not already done so. If you are reading this post after Sep 29, 2016 and have missed the freebie, I have good news for you. The file is still available and it is only a buck.

CLICK HERE to get your file.


Files used:
Hinterland Bag Toppers (printable)
LD Perjinkity Goldfish font
LD Skinny Pinny font