Friday, September 23, 2016

Legacy version - access to online store TERMINATED!

I just found out that Silhouette is no longer allowing users of the Legacy version to access the online store through the software (Thanks, Kelly Curry!). If you attempt to go to the store via Silhouette Studio v2.9.67, this error message shows up:

You will also no longer be able to download your pending orders through the software.

I sent Silhouette America an email asking them about it this morning but I have yet to receive a reply at the time of this post. My friend, Kay Hall, did get this message from them:


Thank you for your inquiry. Two years ago, our Design Store website was changed from to Recently, the old website link,, was retired and no longer redirects you to our current store website.

Older versions of the software (v2.9 and older) use the online store link to access the store, which will no longer connect. You may see an Error 118 message where the store page should be.

As the version 2 of the software has not been our current release for almost 2 years, we can no longer support connections between version 2 of Silhouette Studio software and the Design Store. The only resolution to this is to update your software which can be done here,

We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Thank you,
Silhouette Support


Ever since Silhouette released version 3, we suspected that they would phase out version 2 eventually. I even posted last June that "my days of using the Legacy version are numbered anyway" when they took away access to the online store for all non-v3 users with the exception of v2.9.67 (a.k.a. the Legacy version). I was glad when the last update to v2, i.e. the Legacy version, was released as this meant that folks like me who do not want to use v3 can continue to access the online store from within the program. At that time, we were given a deadline to install the update before access to the store was halted. Imagine my surprise that no notice was given to us this time around. In fact, at the time of this post, the Silhouette website does not even mention that access to the online store has been taken away.

I mostly use SVG files with my Silhouette software. Even though I still have a lot of credits on my account, I find that I hardly use the designs from the Silhouette Design Store. But still, it was nice to be able to access the store and download their weekly freebies. Now I can't even do that unless I upgrade to v3. I'm not sure if that is worth my time since I am still finding that v3s are buggy and not fun to use.

If you use the Legacy version and the designs from the Silhouette Design Store, you may want to drop them an email and request that they bring back access to the store. You can find their contact info HERE.


  1. I was one that fought so hard against V-3! I didnt understand line colors and all the stuff like that??Why do I need line colors on my design to cut out a design?? I ended up downloading a version 3. As long as you dont get in to the advanced settings, it has worked out fine for me. I say give it a try. I have had no problems at all with it. All my designs were there when I switched.

  2. Hi Jin, I found out about not having access to the design store on Tuesday. It took two days for their CS to reply to my email. I put the info. up on the yahoo group (Silhouette users) and quite a few ladies are upset about notice to announce their intent to get rid of Legacy V #2 software, etc. Someone recommended if anyone wanted to try V#3..go with 3.6.057. I'm only guessing this version doesn't require us to save in the "cloud". I stuck with V#2 because I was comfortable with it and there were no real issues. However, as you said, there have been bugs in V#3. I don't want to have to deal with that..but may have too. Poor customer service on Sil Am's part.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Not sure I like this as a support strategy. Unclear if the Silhouette team communicated this in advance. Wondering why they blocked older versions access to their online store.


  4. Hummm, I'm torn. I was very comfortable with Legacy, but moved onto V3. I have had no problems and use my design programs hour each day. I have a Mac, maybe that makes the difference. I didn't understand the advanced line colors either (as a another commenter mentioned) at the beginning so decided to play with it for several days and now understand the positive rewards for using it. Bugs, there are normal bugs in any problem I can contest...haha...especially in my Apple Phone and even in WORD. I guess I am going to count myself lucky at this time.

  5. Hi, I'm still hesistant on going with V#3. I've backed up my files to an EXT. HD..and will
    back up my SA Library if I can locate it in the same place where it used to be in W#7..have W#10 now. One gal on the yahoo group is very upset with SA
    because she's not computer savvy and having issues with the recently download 3.6.057 version. I'm not going to be able to download the free 7 SA Birthday cut files nor enjoy the 50% off files sale going on now. Eventually, I'll probably go with the 3.6.057 (before the cloud version).

  6. Hey Jin,

    I think I now know what is going on with Silhouette. I've been watching HSN and see that there is a new Cricut Explore that can print and cut, has a "snap mat" (i.e., pixscan mat), and now can be used offline. Looks like to me that the Silhouette experts have been lured to ProvoCraft! The people they have now don't have a clue which probably why we are seeing so many problems with the software. I think all the "bug-filled" software we now how is being created by the new folks. IMO