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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Floral Shop Easel Cards - Watering Can Flowers

It has been over two weeks since LD introduced us to their Floral Shop collection and I am still in love with the whole line. I usually try to play with their latest designs and even though I love the files that they have released the past two weeks, I am still obsessed with the Floral Shop easel cards.

Like the Flower Jar, I made a slight modification to this card. However, I am not certain if it improves the project and so I will not elaborate on the alteration that I had made. After having assembled the card, I think that the original unaltered file will probably be good enough.

Once again, I finished the card with a mini tag that I had cut out from a metal die. The original LD file does not come with a tag but you can find an SVG for that by clicking HERE.

If you had missed my Flower Jar or the Flower Pot easel cards, just click HERE or HERE to see the respective project.

File used:
Floral Shop CP (SVG included)

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  1. Love all these cards! Would love to see a video on how you make them????