Friday, February 12, 2016

30 JAWSOME sharks and a few FINTASTIC ones

So I just got back from dropping off the sharks in school. To those of you who offered suggestions for transporting the sharks, THANK YOU! I loved Courtney C.'s idea of sticking them in a laundry basket but there were too many and I couldn't fit them all inside. Angela jokingly mentioned using a fishing boat (lol!) and her suggestion made me think of a big fishing net. Sadly, I wasn't able to go to the party store to buy one but can you imagine just how cute it'll look to have all the sharks inside a net?! In the end, I followed Patricia's advice and used a really big shipping box. USPS had just delivered Hubby's order in one huge Amazon box yesterday afternoon and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

In case you ever wondered how 30 mini Pillow Pets sharks look like packed inside a huge Amazon box, here's a picture for you:

Sardine Sharks or Shark Sardines? hehe..

Don't they look adorable? We packed the sharks inside and sealed the box up. I hastily doodled some hearts and sharks on the outside before dropping the box off in the classroom. Panda Girl's classmates were super impressed by the size of the box while the teacher was pretty taken aback. Haha! They were all super curious about what's inside. I cannot wait to see their faces when the box is opened later.

One more thing...while packing the sharks last night, my 7th Grader reminded me that we actually bought a few more for her friends too. She didn't really like the JAWSOME tag that I made and so I made her a couple of FINTASTIC! ones. It was a rather rushed job but she liked it a lot more.

I'll be back later to show you another card that I made yesterday. I gotta run now.....I got a class party to attend. ;-)

Shark Attack CS (SVG included)
ZP Daisy Interlock (font, "I think you're")
PN Ma Kringle (font, "from")