Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Foil Awakens

So I got me a Minc Foil Applicator last Christmas (Yay! Thank you, Me! lol. ) and I finally took it out of the box this weekend. I loved LD's latest Star Wars-inspired Cut Its but we have friends visiting from out of town so I didn't have much time to play. I thought that making foiled cards with the new designs would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone- I get to play with BOTH my new Minc and the new LD set at the same time!

In order to use the design for foiling, I had to convert it into a lined-shape first. In other words, I converted the colored SVG into an uncolored image (see tutorial HERE).

I printed the designs using my laser printer before running the page through the Minc foil applicator. The process was so easy and I loved how the cards turned out! So shiny. ♥

The negative (unused, leftover) foil looks really neat too and I'm going to try to use that to make another card. But first, I need to run to the craft store.

Must get more foil.

Files used:
In a Galaxy Far Away CS (SVG included)
In a Galaxy Far Away - Sentiments - GS


  1. I absolutely adore my Minc applicator and all the foil. I always try to steer my customers towards getting foil accents on their invitations just so I can play with it! Lol

  2. stunming!!! i want it now omg..

  3. Did you get your machine from Amazon, Jin? Now I want one but the item is still under review. Hmmm.

  4. I have the mini minc and love it. Do you use cs in your laser printer? My laser can't handle that thick of paper and I was wondering if using printer paper would be too thin.

  5. I love my minc. Which laser printer do you have. I am looking to purchase one soon. Alison

  6. OMG I love these valentine's! So clever of you to convert them to lines! Did you try a regular laminator before the Minc? I'm wondering if it's worth the $80+ difference, as I only have a regular lamintor!