Monday, January 18, 2016

Love Sick Lip Balm Valentines

Valentine's Day is coming! I love Valentine's Day! When my kids were in Elementary School, we would fill little bags full of candies and stickers and other knick-knacks for all their classmates. I love attending the class parties and watching my girls give away the goodie bags. It was always a joy to see all the kids get so excited over their bundle of treats.

My two older kids (twins) are in Middle School this year and no longer have their lessons with a main classroom. Although I'm feeling a little bummed that I get to make 60 less goodie bags this year, I'm eager to start shopping for Valentines for their close friends.

I'm always on the lookout for non-candy Valentine ideas and I was tickled when I saw LD's new Love Sick Lip Balm Valentines. These were too easy to make - just print and cut out. That's it!

I'm liking this lip balm Valentines idea a lot and I'm seriously considering doing this for the older kids. I think that this is a great option for the Middle Schoolers and besides, every teenage girl loves lip balm, right?


Files used:
Love Sick - Lip Balm Holder - CP
Love Sick - Lip Balm Cards - PR (printables)
Love Sick - Chappy Valentine Cards - PR


  1. Now that you don't have to make 60 this year, maybe you should try making your own lipbalm! I made some using lipbalm base from, and poured it into cute metal slidey tins. Super easy, and then you can print and cut your own label! (I suggest buying the pipettes for measuring the flavoring and buying a chemistry beaker from to melt the base in. Makes pouring and cleanup a snap!) - Jamie

    1. Wow! I've never thought of making my own lip balm before. Sounds like something I must try! :D

    2. It is so easy!! Your girls would enjoy making it themselves. Buy the small size to try it out, and get your technique perfected! Here is the link:

    3. Here are the slidey tins: