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Monday, December 14, 2015

UNboxing my Silhouette Mint Stamp Kit

To be honest, I am a little embarrassed to be posting this now. I had the Unboxing party on my Facebook page back on Oct 27. I had meant to post the photos here that same evening but I completely spaced out. Anyway, I'm sharing the pictures now in case someone wants to know what they are getting when they order the Silhouette Mint. After all, it's better late than never, right?

I ordered the Silhouette Mint from Amazon on October 22 for $109.99 and the box was delivered 4 days later on October 26. Here are the photos and captions that I posted on October 27:

 "So I ordered this from Amazon last Thursday and the box was delivered on Monday afternoon."

"Hmm...I'm not particularly impressed by the way this was packed. Did they just roll up a sheet of paper and squashed it over the product?"

 "Yup. they did just roll up a sheet of paper. :( "

 " TA-DA!!!!! "

" I love my Casio Pomrie. It's a cute little toy/gadget thingy and I was really tickled when I heard that Silhouette was coming out with the Mint. It's basically the same thing as the Pomrie, but rebranded as a Silhouette product. I HAD to buy it when the price came down last week. In fact, the price has dropped even further. At the time of this post, it's only $109.99 and if you are a Prime member, the Mint ships free -->>  "

(UPDATE, Dec 14, 2015): The price at the time of this post is now only $94.99!

"So the Mint comes with 50 free designs. Stingy much, Silhouette? The Casio Pomrie comes with about 700. Just sayin'."

"The back of the box has already showed what it contains inside but let's take everything out anyway."

"So here are the Mint User Manual, a trial subscription card for a Basic subscription to the Silhouette Design Store for 1 month, and a cd for Silhouette Mint Studio v1.0. (Funny since I've already downloaded and installed v1.0.062 from their website a few weeks ago. "

"Last picture! Here's everything that came in the box. I don't know but I paid almost the same price for both the Casio Pomrie and the Silhouette Mint but I feel like I got more stuff from the Pomrie box. Anyway, I'll post today's UnBoxing pictures on the blog later so do check it out! "


UPDATE (Dec 14, 2015):
The price of the Silhouette Mint has come down since my Unboxing Party. The same package is only $94.99 at the time of this post!



  1. Can you use the Mint and Pomrie supplies (stamp thingies) interchangeably? Just curious, I don't own either nor have I even compared prices of supplies. Since you now own both, I figured you'd be a good "authority" on this. :)

  2. Wow Jin, you go all out in giving us the most thorough unboxing experiences and comparisons! Thank you!

  3. I love my mint! I was lucky and got it via Blitsy at 1/2 off - $88.88!

  4. Received my Mint a few weeks ago and while I've only made one stamp so far it was easy and fun. Hope to see more projects on your blog using the Mint.

  5. I wonder, does the Pomrie work on the Silhouette Mint Studio??