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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Download and Install Silhouette Mint Studio v1.0.062

The new Silhouette Mint stamp maker from Silhouette America will be available later this month (you can pre-order HERE), but did you know that you can play with the accompanying software now?

Even though I don't have a Mint on hand, I went ahead and downloaded and installed the Silhouette Mint Studio (v1.0.062) software. Just for fun (and also so that you have something more to look at in today's post) I took screenshots of the installation process:

For the record, I am using Windows 8.1. The Silhouette Mint Studio program installed and launched without any issues. Not unexpectedly, the software looks and works a lot like Silhouette Studio but still, I wished it came with an online user's manual. There are a few things in there that I could use some explanation for.

If you want to play too, just click HERE to go to Silhouette America's website to get the download for the Mint Studio software. Obviously you can't make a stamp without the actual Mint stamp maker but you can try out the software now and get a hang of it. By the time your Silhouette Mint arrives, you'll be all ready to make your first stamp!

Have fun!

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