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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Unboxing my Casio Pomrie Stamp Maker

I have been obsessing over the Casio Pomrie Stamp Maker ever since I first heard of it last year.  If you had missed the post that I made about it, click HERE to see it.  I was intrigued by the little gadget and had wanted to purchase it right away. I was really bummed when I found out that it was only available in Japan. Even though I was not able to buy the unit then, I had high hopes that it would be available for the U.S. market soon.

15 months after I had failed to purchase a Pomrie, I learned that Silhouette America was going to release a new stamp maker (see my post HERE.). Imagine my excitement when I saw that the new Silhouette Mint looks and works the same way as the Pomrie! The Mint is not available until Fall but I couldn't wait any longer. I did another search online and finally found a Pomrie for sale HERE. I had to buy it.

I ordered the Casio Pomrie STC-W10-SET for $119.12 from the seller, Shining Sun, on May 14 and received it by USPS on June 1. I was so excited, I un-boxed the package on my Facebook page. For the benefit of the readers who do not Facebook, the following 12 photos and captions were what I had posted:

OMG! Look what the postman brought me! #CasioPomrie

See that smile on her face? I'm wearing the same look right now. #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic1

Sliding the box out of the sleeve gently when all I want to do is rip it off. Be still my heart! Can't wait to see what's inside! #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic2

And the sleeve is off! Now to open the box... #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic3

Oooh.....the anticipation! #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic4

*gasp* #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic5

There it is!! #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic6

Here's everything that's in the box. The Stamp Maker, 4 Stamp Kits, 2 inks, and an iron-on transfer sheet. There are only 2 bottles of ink (red, blue) even though the listing shows three. Oh well. #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic7 EDIT: I spoke too soon! The black ink is inside the stamp maker box!

Now let's see the stamp maker! #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic8

Bear in mind that the warranty for this set ( is good only for Japan. #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic9

There's an instruction manual, a cd, and some other thingy that you need to make the stamp. I'll have to figure that out later. #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic10

I spoke too soon! The bottle of black ink is inside the stamp maker box! #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic11

And's the Pomrie. It's so cute! heart emoticon #CasioPomrie #UnboxingPic12

After my un-boxing event on Facebook, I realized that I had forgotten to show my readers the content of the Stamp Kit. So I am posting a few more pictures below.

The Casio Pomrie STC-W10-SET I ordered came with one Stamp Kit in each of the following sizes: 15 x 15mm (no box, in plastic baggie), 45 x 45mm, 45 x 90mm, 15 x 60, and 30 x 60mm.

This is the 45 x 45mm Stamp Kit.

This is the back of the box:

Let's check out the contents.

Inside each Stamp Kit box is a stamp block, a cap, a stamp sheet, and a blank label.

After having seen the Casio Pomrie Stamp Maker in person, I am even more convinced that with the exception of the software and some cosmetic differences, the Silhouette Mint is basically the same thing. I'm going to give my Pomrie a try later and I'll tell you all about it.



  1. OOOHHHH!! I can't wait to see what you make with this!! Thanks for sharing the unboxing!!

  2. Do you have to use their inks, or can you use your own pigment ink pads or re-inkers?

  3. It's so much fun to watch over your shoulder as you unbox your new treasures and take us along for the ride Jin! Love your sense of humor! Lucky you're so far away or I'd be salivating over your new toy.

  4. Really fell in love with. Jin please could you help me with something about the pomerie, the thing is that i'm from Bolivia and want to purchase this really bad...but i'm afraid i can't get the replacements in amazon is there another way to buy them? Because I really am gonna need a lot of the material cause i want to use it to personalize wedding invitations using the couple's photo.
    By any chance do you know what type of material it uses maybe i can find the material and make my own stamp sheet..also have you tried with another type of ink?