Monday, May 4, 2015

Beep beep! It's the Taco Truck!

The Taco Truck was a late addition to LD's Taco 'Bout It collection that was released last Friday. It looked like such a fun little project so I went ahead and downloaded the file as soon as I saw it on the LD site.

The assembly is pretty straightforward so I will not elaborate on that. Instead, I have a tip for you:

To make the assembly of this taco truck go a little faster, print-and-cut on adhesive-backed paper, the "license plate", as well as the "Taco Truck" labels that are on both sides of the food truck. In other words, make them as stickers. It will cut down on the time needed to put together the project and will also make the whole thing look neater.

Note that the roof of the truck is a cutout. I'm thinking that this truck can be used as a fun little holder for napkins or plastic utensils for a Cinco De Mayo (tomorrow!) party. I will probably make my next truck as a gift box by modifying the cutting file and resigning the cutting lines.


Taco 'Bout It Cut It Project (SVG)