Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jin's Hello Kitty Instax camera

You may remember that not too long ago, I posted about my Instax cameras (If you had missed it, click HERE to see the post). Even though I mostly use my Instax SP-1 printer these days, I do carry an Instax camera around, especially when we travel. Recently I added one more to my collection...it's a Hello Kitty Instax camera!

It's so insanely cute!!!

It's a tad bigger than my other INSTAX cameras but it is so fun to look at  use.

In fact, the Hello Kitty INSTAX camera is even bigger than my Lomo'Instant!

Well, maybe by just a little bit.

The Hello Kitty Instax camera also comes with a hand strap, a box of film, and a sheet of Hello Kitty stickers. Everything looks so cute that even my kids were oohing and aahing as I was removing everything out of the box.

Of course, they also mentioned that they want the whole thing. Ha ha! That's funny. As if I'm going to let them have it.

Sorry girls, but that's not happening. This toy camera is all mine.  :-)


  1. You talked me into my Instax (like your yellow one) but I WILL resist this HK one. I will, dang it!

  2. Ohhh too cute! I have resisted buying the Instax when you posted about it a while ago. But, I'm afraid, I cannot resist this one. On a side note, I collect kawaii mini cars that my kids attempt to play with, but that's not happening either. I give them the stink eye. ;-)

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  4. Any recommendations for the age child this camera is appropriate for?? Many thanks!