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Monday, March 30, 2015

Jin's Carrot Box's_carrot_cone_box-13669.html&AID=39954

After I posted my Rolly Pollie Gift Tags the other day, many of you wanted to know where I got the carrot box and if that was an LD file.

My "Frankenstein" carrot box as seen from my Rolly Pollie Gift Tags post.

When I did that project, I looked for a carrot box on the LD site but was unable to find one. So I made my own by combining their Valentine Cone Box with the carrots from the Rolly Pollies Cut It (SVG) set.'s_carrot_cone_box-13669.html&AID=39954

Even though I made it fairly quickly, I realized that many of you would find it troublesome to have to make your own. So I asked LD if they had one on their site that I had missed.'s_carrot_cone_box-13669.html&AID=39954

It turned out that I was right. They didn't have a carrot box BUT they offered to make one and they did.'s_carrot_cone_box-13669.html&AID=39954

The carrot box is now available in the LD store. Even better, it is included in the Dollar Sale! Click HERE to get yours before the sale ends this Friday.'s_carrot_cone_box-13669.html&AID=39954


  1. Woow, so beautiful and original!

  2. Love it! I bought it (and many other items!!) Thank you, Jin, for this creative idea, and thank you Lettering Delights for making it easy for us! -Jamie