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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to cut Clear Sticker Paper

After having made so many stickers with the usual sticker paper, I thought I would try something new. I have been meaning to play with the pack of Silhouette brand printable clear sticker papers that I had bought a while ago. It felt like a good time to finally try it out.

The Silhouette Printable Clear Sticker Papers came with instructions on the packaging that tells you how to use it. Basically, it's just print-and-cut as usual. The packaging does not specify if it would work with inkjet or laser printers and so I was relieved when the paper printed fine with my Canon PIXMA inkjet printer.

I am currently using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition v2.9.45d, otherwise known as the Legacy version, and I was surprised to see that the default cut setting calls for a double cut. From past experience, I know that my Silhouette Cameo makes nicer cuts with a lower setting and so I did a guess-timate and made some adjustments to the cut settings.

Default setting for Silhouette brand Printable Clear Sticker Paper

To make a kiss-cut (i.e. only cutting the top layer without cutting through the backing paper), I used the cardstock setting but adjusted the thickness down. I did not use double-cut at all.

These are the settings that I used:

Kiss-Cut: Blade: 3, Speed 3, Thickness 20
Regular Cut (i.e. cut through backing paper): Blade 3, Speed 3, Thickness 33

I used a relatively old blade and a very well-loved mat to cut out today's clear stickers. I have no doubt that with a new blade and/or cutting mat, an even lighter setting would suffice in cutting out the clear stickers.

I'll post more info as I make more stickers with these clear adhesive-backed papers.

File used:
Green is the New Black graphic set


  1. Wonder if this works on contact paper

  2. These look great! Now I have to get some clear sticker paper. I keep contemplating on getting the same inkjet printer as you... =)

  3. Love the way your stickers came out! I have some Avery clear sticker paper and it has a frosted look to it when put on glass or clear plastic which I don't like. Is the silhouette paper actually clear? Thanks Jin!

  4. Thanks for anorher great tutorial! Lovebosll your work

  5. Can you wash (by hand) if you put on a tumbler or something like that or do you need to go the printable vinyl route?

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