Monday, March 2, 2015

Free Backdrop for Paper Doll Stickers

Thanks for all your kind comments about my Paper Doll Stickers. I have received many questions about the background that I made. I designed it with Silhouette Studio (DE, v2.9.45d) as an afterthought so as to make the Paper Doll Stickers more playable for my daughters.

The original backdrop

I had used LD Cut Its/SVG and LD papers for the background and due to copyright, I cannot give the original file away. However, I can give away the file without all the LD images.

If you have the Tiny Princess Cut Its/SVG or Tiny Princess graphics set, and the LD papers (see list at bottom of this post) that I used, you can re-create a similar background. Just download and open the .studio file with Silhouette Studio, UNGROUP the image and drag-and-drop the papers to fill the "grassland" with patterns.

When filling in the "sky", make sure that you drag-and-drop the pattern on the upper-third of the page. I have filled the middle of the page with a solid blue so that the clouds do not extend to the grassland.

To add the blue bird and the castle, just drag-and-drop the images from the Tiny Princess Cut Its/SVG or Tiny Princess graphics set, and resize.

Once you have filled the page with patterns, just print it out with your printer.

For those of you who do not use Silhouette Studio, I have included a printable (PDF) of the plain backdrop. You will not be able to add the LD patterns to it but you can still print and use it with the paper dolls.

Click HERE to get your free backdrop for the paper doll stickers. (p.s. Ignore the ""error" message and just click the blue button to start the download.)

LD Files used:
Tiny Princess Cut Its (SVG included)
Pet Shop Stop paper pack
Hole in One paper pack
Strawberry Kiss paper pack
Cold Paws paper pack
Once Upon a Time paper pack

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