Friday, March 6, 2015

Birthday Wiener {double-sided print-and-cut hybrid card}

I was pretty excited when I finished today's card. I *heart* the new Hot Doggity Dog collection and I loved what I made with it. I always get a kick when I finish a double-sided print-and-cut project (like THIS card, and THIS card) but this time I made a shaped card. I thought that was kind of cool.

I couldn't wait to show off the card so before the glue had even dried, I grabbed it and skipped into the family room. Grinning, I waved the card in front of Hubby's face. (Probably a bad timing since he was totally engrossed in The Blacklist but whatever.... Jin comes first. Heh! )


What? That's it?!! That's kinda lame so I waved the card at him again. This time, he took his eyes away from "Red" to give my card a 5-second glance.

"Why is the doggy holding the sausage over the cake?"

Dude! The doggy is roasting it over the birthday candles cos' I was trying to make it funny. Unlike you. You're so not fun. :-(

I had more success with my 6th Grader. When I showed her this photo:

...she got really excited!

"Can I have the rainbow? It's so cute! How'd you do it?"

I was beaming. I love it when my kid loves my work! Before I could reply, Twin A (I like to call her that because, well, she's a twin, and my OB/GYN had labelled her as "Baby A"...) said,

"But Mom, it's upside down!"

"What is?"

"The rainbow! The red should be on top and the blue below and PURPLE IS MISSING!"

I explained to her that I had used the original file and that I didn't make any changes to the SVG at all. In fact, I thought it was refreshing that the colors were in the reverse order. It was super cute!

"Mom, can you fix it? Switch the colors back to the correct order and while you're at it, please put back purple."

Gah! My folks don't get it at all. I give up!

Files used:
Hot Diggity Dog Cut Its (SVG)
Hot Diggity Dog Paper Pack
Party On Cut Its


  1. But your crafty peeps do! Very cute (and funny)!

  2. Never even noticed the "problems" with the rainbow...I think your card is both CUTE and FUNNY! Would love a tutorial on the shaped double-sided card! Thanks, Jin!!

  3. Too cute Jin, I totally get it!! Never come between a man and his TV, I've learned that after almost 20 years of marriage!! I LOVE your card, I got a good laugh too!

  4. Great card!! Your Cameo Peeps "get it"!!

  5. hahaha you got an OC folks eh!! BUT your card is ADORABLE!! you never fail to amaze and inspire us Ms. Jin!!

  6. Ha!!! my sweetie does not get my crafting at all either...but at least your baby has the color thing down!!! A crafter in the making!!! Oh so fun!!!