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Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Mood

Is it really Monday again? Didn't we just have one of those a few days ago?

The kids are on their Mid-Winter break this week. As much as I love hanging out with them, I know that with three little drama queens in the house, it won't be long before someone starts screaming for "MOMMMMIEEEE....!!!".

Rather than having them write lines as a punishment, perhaps I should come out with a new plan. Everytime someone tells on her sister, both will get a Grumpy Cat button added to their jars. By the end of the week, the kid with the least number of buttons gets a prize.

Either that or I'll just lock myself in the craft room with this note stuck on the door:

And I'm not coming out until Daddy comes home.

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  1. What would I have to bribe you with to get one of your Grumpy buttons... ☕

    1. HAHA!! You cracked me up, Susan! Send me a PM and I'll send a couple your way.

  2. Aww!! I love the Grumpy Cat!!! Such a cute idea!!! Everytime I see your buttons, it makes me want a button machine!!! :)

  3. Perfect! I could use this EVERY day! I've got 3 teenage boys and one 10yr old daughter!

  4. Okay that's funny!! I need some of these and that sign!! I love it Jin you made me laugh!

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