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Monday, February 9, 2015

Jin's Panda Buttons

I was super thrilled to see a new Nancy Kubo set on the LD site and I couldn't have been more happy and excited to see that she has included a panda in it. My panda-mad 3rd Grader (we call her Panda Girl) is putting together treat bags for her classmates and we had planned on putting a button in each bag. The panda is the perfect image to use for the buttons!

As I wanted the panda to be as big as possible on the button, I used Photoshop to remove the birdie from the original image. Next, I used my template (free download HERE) and my Silhouette Cameo to print-and-cut the circles out.

Cutting out 33 printed circles was a breeze with the Silhouette's print-and-cut feature. It took me a few minutes to press the cut-outs into buttons with my 1" button machine but I love the finished product. They are so cute!

There are 8 images in the Nancy's Valentine's Day graphic set. I think I'll make more buttons with the other 7 different designs. I wonder what Panda Girl's classmates would think if I gave them each 8 buttons for Valentine's Day instead of 8 pieces of candy. Buttons are a healthier alternative than sugar, right? Ha! ;-)

File used:
Nancy's Valentine's Day graphic set
Jin's 1" Button template (free download) 

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