Wednesday, January 7, 2015

LD Printable Planner

I was pleasantly surprised to find that LD had released a printable planner set recently. I have been looking online for some planner pages to help me keep my goals on track. LD's planner was exactly what I needed!

Since it can be challenging to see the printable set closely on the LD site, I thought I'd print out all the pages to show y'all how they really look like. By the way, these pages were printed out from the PDF file that was included in the download.

The Betty Gets Sweaty Printable set comes with the usual must-haves like a To-Do list and a Daily Plan. It also comes with Monthly and Yearly Goals pages. I really like the Weekly Menu Planner and I love the blank calendar page; I can use that for planning all kinds of things!

The set also comes with some motivational quotes. I should stick these all over my desk so I can feel totally inspired all the time. Heh!

I love the color scheme of the Betty Gets Sweaty Printables (I know, I know, it's really weird why LD named it that way instead of "Betty Printable Planner" or something like that). It's so bright and happy! I love it even more that we can all get it for free. That's right! The Betty Gets Sweaty Printable set is part of LD's "Earn it Free" collection for January. Click HERE to find out how you can get this set added to your LD library.


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Betty Gets Sweaty Printables

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  1. Thanks, Jin! What a pleasant surprise this is! I've never known LD to do anything planner related. Don't understand the Betty the Yeti connection, but these pages are really cute!