Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to Recover your MTC Registration Code from your computer.

Yes! The kids are finally in bed! I've been waiting all day to set up my new laptop. My current machine is on it's last leg and I feel ridiculous smacking the monitor every time the colors on the screen turn weird. I've been testing Make-the-Cut (MTC) on my new laptop for a few days now but I didn't register the software as I wasn't sure if I was going to keep the computer. I've come to like it a lot (It's sooo preeetty. :D :D ) and I'm finally ready to move on.

But first, I need to register MTC.

I bought MTC when it was first released way back in late 2009 and I've long lost my registration code. The good thing is that it is super easy to retrieve it. Just go to the MTC website and put in a request and the code will be sent within an hour.

"No code? No problem!", I happily said to myself as I prepare to go online.

I opened my browser to go to the MTC site and ....

"You are not connected to a network?"

WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?! I cannot believe it! It's windy and stormy outside and my internet has gone down in bad weather before but...but....WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!

I ran whining to Hubby as if he can somehow use his magical unicorn powers to summon the internet but it was no use. The internet connection was gone and I don't know when it'll be back.

I was feeling really disappointed. I can hardly get anything done when the kids are home and now that I can't send a request for the key code, I'll have to wait until the long weekend was over before I can finish setting up my new laptop. I was so bummed!

Just when I was about to give up, something wonderful happened. It was almost like the Internet Gods took pity on me and sprinkled their magical internet dust on my poor tired head. I was about to shut down my laptop when the cobwebs in my head parted and I suddenly remembered something that I had read about a loooooong time ago.

The instructions below will show you exactly what I did and how I retrieved the key code without requesting it from the MTC website. Note that I ended up un-registering the copy of MTC that I already had on my old-and-about-to-be-replaced computer but if I want to, I can always re-register it again with my once-lost-but-now-found-again registration code.


How to Recover your MTC Registration Code from your computer (when you cannot get online):

Step 1: On your current PC, start MTC, and also open Notepad

Step 2: Select Help>Advanced>Unregister Make the Cut!

Step 3: When you click YES to unregister MTC, the registration code is copied onto your clipboard.

Step 4: To recover the registration code, just go to your Notepad and hit Ctrl+V to paste it down.

That's it! After you have pasted the registration code onto your Notepad, remember to save the file. Now you can use that code to register MTC on your new computer. :-)

I hope that your internet connection never goes down when you are trying to request for your MTC Registration Code, but if it did, you know what to do. *wink*

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  1. Thank you so much, I also have a very old version of Make the Cut. I will follow your lead, thank you!