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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jin's Snow Globe Shaker Card

I might have squealed a little too loudly when I first saw the LD Snow Globes. A penguin snow globe? YES, PLEASE!! My oldest kid is crazy about penguins and I just know that she would love the penguin card from the set. In fact, I would make her a penguin shaker card so she could shake it as though it's a real snow globe.

Instead of using the Cut It set, I thought I would use the graphic because I like the snowflake background in the latter. However, I realized that the "bubble" on the graphic distracts from the penguin so I decided to recreate the design using Cut Its instead.

To make the snowflake background, I used the snowflake images from the Chill in the Air Cut Its set. I added the snow flurries by drawing little circles with the Circle Tool. To make the penguin look more interesting, I added a pattern to the scarf.

With reference to the screenshot above, after cutting out all the layers, I adhered the Transparency (or you can use acetate) to the back of the Card Front. Next, I cut out small pieces of foam tape and adhered them around the clear window. This is to make room between the window and the printed background for the fake snow that I will be using as the "shakable elements" of the shaker card.

It dawned upon me that the card front looked rather bare so I went ahead and added a greeting using a vinyl cutout. It is probably a good idea to do this before the previous step but I was glad that it worked out anyway.

Now I am ready to fill the card with fake snow, glitter, and tiny sequins!

Here's the finished card:

I love how the foil cardstock made the snow globe looks as though it has a silver stand and I just looove the interactive element of this card. Because of its "shaker" feature, this paper snow globe feels like a card version of a real snow globe! Too fun! I can't wait to show this to my kid. 'Wonder if she would squeal just as loud as I did. ;)

Files used:
Snow Globes Cut It set (SVG included)
Chill in the Air Cut It (SVG included) (snowflake background)
Peepsicles Paper Pack (pattern-fill for scarf)

Stampendous Shaved Ice

**I bought the foil cardstock from a local paper shop that has since closed but I think that the AC foil papers should work too.


  1. Man, just typed a whole long essay and it has disappeared. Basically what I said was that you can use silver vinyl stuck to regular white card instead of foil card. The vinyl is so thin you don't need to change your blade setting. I made a whole bunch of little gold crowns like this.

    1. That's a great tip! I never thought to use silver vinyl. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. LOVE IT!! This shaker card would really be a great (step-by-step) tutorial...hint, hint!

  3. So cute!! What is the name of that font? Thank you, Jamie

    1. The sentiment is one of the images that are included in the Cut It set. :)

    2. Oh well... thanks anyway! I get overwhelmed when trying to choose fonts, so when I see one I like, I just grab it!

  4. Hi, Jin. Still learning my cameo and LD svg's, etc. I have the card base, transparency and print and cut done, but do not see where the card front confused. I've opened every file as well as trying to use just half of the card base, but don't know how to cut out just half of it. I'm obviously missing something. If you have a chance, could you help with this? Thank you. Have followed you for years, but only now have time to really play and learn.