Sunday, December 28, 2014

HOT!! Silhouette New Cameo bundle for $217.49!|Product+Type|&dimComboVal=silhouette|scrapbooking|&currentDim=Product+Type&currentDimVal=scrapbooking&_dyncharset=UTF-8&colorizedImg=DP1106201417010425M.tif&urlState=/for-the-home/shop-more-/arts-crafts/silhouette/scrapbooking/_/N-gl6mmuZ1jcZ1z13qo4/cat.jump

Here's a great deal on the New Cameo.  JC Penney has it listed on their site for $289.99 but if you use the coupon AFTERALL (for 25% off), the price comes down to just over $217! That's a great price for the cutter. Shipping is free for this item.

If you shop through Ebates, you will also get a 3% cash back from your JC Penney purchase. Don't have Ebates? Click HERE to sign up.|Product+Type|&dimComboVal=silhouette|scrapbooking|&currentDim=Product+Type&currentDimVal=scrapbooking&_dyncharset=UTF-8&colorizedImg=DP1106201417010425M.tif&urlState=/for-the-home/shop-more-/arts-crafts/silhouette/scrapbooking/_/N-gl6mmuZ1jcZ1z13qo4/cat.jump

Click HERE to get your New Cameo.


  1. Wow! Don't need a second Cameo, but it's tempting to buy a backup machine at this price.

    1. I'm with you, Lady Fair! I already have a new Cameo but I still find it hard to walk away from this deal. Must resist! ;)

  2. So tempted, but that coupon code is expired. Code "NEWYEAR" will get you 20% off, though!