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Monday, October 27, 2014

Unboxing my New Silhouette Cameo {picture heavy}

I have owned and used my Original Silhouette Cameo since Oct 2011. When I heard that Silhouette was releasing a New Silhouette Cameo, I decided to take the plunge and get it. After comparing prices, I went ahead and pre-ordered the Starter bundle when it was discounted for 22% off.

The machine was released on Oct 22 and UPS dropped it off on Oct 24 (last Friday).

The Amazon box is just a little bigger than the box it had to enclose.

The Starter bundle includes the Silhouette New Cameo machine with 2 cutting mats, 2 cutting blades, a Pick-me-up tool, and a set of sketch pens.

Getting the Silhouette box out of it's plain outer card box was tricky but I managed to "pour" it out with the help of my hubby.

Here is one side of the box...

...and here's the other.

Oh lookie! That's my new pick-me-up tool! Too bad it can't pick ME up. *snicker*

A better look of the sketch pens:

The Starter bundle also comes with 2 cutting mats:

The New Silhouette Cameo machine is well-wrapped up. Let's get this baby out!


The New Silhouette Cameo is almost exactly the same size as the Original Silhouette Cameo but it has a bigger backside to accommodate the new crosscutter.

The most noticeable difference between the New and the Original Cameo is the control panel. The one on the New Cameo is a touch screen.

Here is how the cutters look like from the side. The slot for the SD card on the Original Cameo has been replaced by one for a USB stick.

The On/Off switch is now on the side of the machine.

Here is the view of the other side. The New Cameo has an extra storage compartment for the cutting blades.

Now let's remove the tape and take a look at what's under the lid:

The guides are now in blue and definitely easier to see. The rollers have also been changed from rubber to steel. Nice!

If you too had ordered a New Cameo machine, be sure to remove all the tape that secures the blade carriage as well as the 3 pieces of foam inside the cutter before using it.

So far I'm liking the new look of this machine. The New Cameo is all-white. I love the white! The machine casing is white, the blade carriage is white, even the AC adapter and the USB cable are white! Did I mention that my laptop is also all-white? Now if only Silhouette America would come out with an all-white blade and everything will be matchy-matchy! That would be SO NICE!

The other stuff that came in the box includes an user's manual, USB cable, a crosscutter blade, Silhouette Studio v3.2 (Yikes! Do I really have to upgrade to that?! You guys know how much I dislike v3!), and a trial subscription card (for 1-month) to the Silhouette Design Store.

One more thing, the numbers on the AC adapters seem to indicate that they are the same thing, just in a different color. I am not an electrician but this made me wonder if I can use the two adapters interchangeably.

That's all for today's unboxing party. I'm plugging in my New Silhouette Cameo tomorrow and giving it a spin. Can't wait to show y'all more! :-)


  1. this is <3!! I can't wait to see your first cut with the new baby!! =)

  2. Jealous jealous jealous! Looking forward to seeing your forst cuts and thoughts.
    (I reckon those adaptors ARE interchangeable as the power rating is the same on both). x

  3. I like the new Silhouette Cameo,but it seems to much like the old one, except for color changes and more goodies than I got when I bought mine. I have three machines, Expression, Imagine and the Cameo. Haven't used the Imagine lately. I think I would like to try the Explore now, but my husband probably would have a snippy fit. I use my Cameo almost every day as I like the convenience of it. Except, I, too am not real happy with the 3.1 upgrade, and now another upgrade, 3.2. Yipes! So, I guess I will wait until someone knocks on my door and wants to buy a machine so that I can replace it. Am trying to sell my hardly used Samsung 4G phone by advertising it in the paper. Everyone wants the new versions of everything, so I doubt if I could sell the used Cameo. So I will putter along with my favorite machine and cut for another day. Oh yeah, I like the idea of 100 freebies in the new Cameo.

    Dianne Bell -

  4. Haha, guess you went for the plunge huh? :P I'm very curious to hear your thoughts on it for sure. For me, I need a bigger change, besides aesthetics. If Silhouette made it to allow for thicker materials, for instance, I would definitely consider upgrading. Until then, I'll stick with my current one. :3

  5. PRETTY PRETTY!!!! I'm WHITE with envy...ha ha ha...LOVE the compartment on the side to hold extra blades!! and the blue hi lites for alignment... my old eyes have trouble seeing.

  6. Thank you for sharing your unboxing. I hope they get v3 to your liking soon.