Tuesday, October 14, 2014

IKEA Raskog cart for $19.94! {IKEA Seattle only}

This is for those of you who are from the Seattle area. IKEA Seattle will be celebrating their 20th birthday this weekend with 3 days of offers**. On Sunday, Oct 19, their popular Raskog cart will be on sale for only $19.94!


Many crafters love the Rascog cart for storing their craft supplies. Personally, I have 3 at home- one in my craft room that I use as a scrap paper station, one in my photo studio, and one for my kids. I paid full price ($49.99!) for each of them and thought they were worth it. I have never seen them on sale until now. For under $20, I just may have to pick up one more!

Original post: http://underacherrytree.blogspot.com/2013/03/jin-kids-craft-room.html

There are a lot of ideas for this cart on Pinterest. HERE are some that I found.

See you at IKEA Seattle on Sunday! :)


**PLEASE NOTE: As shown in the newsletter, the sale-of-the-day is 1 per household.


  1. OOOOH I'll be there!!! I have been oogling those carts! Plus I have a bunch of styrofoam to drop off. :D IKEA Seattle on a weekend... you know it's a good deal if I commit to that. lol

  2. Man I wish I was in Seattle!! I've also been eying these carts, Maybe the sale will make it's way to San Diego.