Monday, September 8, 2014

Totally inappropriate cards

I may have literally laughed out loud when I saw LD's I Wanna Grow Old With You Support cards (try saying that super fast. :P). Hubby thinks they are corny but I love it! My weekend schedule was packed (1st Day of Chinese School was last Saturday) but I had to make these cards. I think they are too much fun!

The files for these cards come in 3 different versions- a printable, a graphic set, and a cuttable (Cut Its/SVG). The easiest to use would be the printable but I wanted to try out the cutting files so I ended up using the Cut Its.

For each card, I printed the greeting on the card base and cut out the main image on different colored or patterned cardstock. All the cards were very easy to make but I had some trouble with the "I Support You" card. The top (white) layer of the brassiere is very intricate. I had to modify the straps to make them thicker to keep my cutouts from tearing. 

My kids say that these cards are highly inappropriate but I think they are hilarious. While I was making them, I can't help thinking of my friend, R. She has my same sense of humor and I know that she will get a kick out of them.


File used:
I Wanna Grow Old With You Support Cut It (SVG)


  1. I think these cards are really fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh man totally appropriate for a lot I know. HA ha ha Too cute!!
    xo Nana

  3. So cute and hilarious!!