Tuesday, September 23, 2014

40% off at silhouetteamerica.com! (Sil Studio Designer Edition for $29.99!)

Silhouette America is celebrating their 5th birthday with a sale at their store. From Sep 23-Oct 1, use the coupon BIRTHDAY to take 40% off your purchase at the Silhouette America store.

The discount does not apply on the Silhouette machines, gift cards, and subscriptions to their Online (Shapes) Store but you can use it on blades, mats (think: PixScan!), and specialty media. You can even use it on the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and buy it for only $29.99 (reg. $49.99).

Click HERE to go to the Silhouette America store.

**I am not affiliated with Silhouette America. I'm just happy to share a good deal, or in this case, a good discount. :-)


  1. Thanks for letting us know, Jin! I immediately put several items in my shopping cart and checked the shipping amount. Then I added one more item, and the shipping went up several dollars, so I took it out. But when I went to place the order, the shipping was more than the estimate. I find this very frustrating. It happens frequently at Silhouette, and I end up not purchasing, as I feel taken advantage of. It is like a "bait and switch" tactic. If their software can figure out the shipping rate when you place the order, it should be able to figure it out before you place the order, too. I just saved myself over $60 by not ordering things that I probably didn't need anyway! Thanks for letting me vent... -Jamie

    1. I agree, Jamie! It frustrates me too when the shipping is higher than the price of the item! The discount is good for things that do not need to be shipped (e.g. SSDE). If you are getting physical items, it may be wise to check around and compare prices elsewhere first.