Friday, August 1, 2014

NEW Silhouette products: PixScan, Vinyl Feeder, Pen Holder and more!

There's exciting news from Silhouette America today! They are releasing several new products. First, check out the new PixScan:

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With PixScan, you can take a picture or a scan of the image (and the mat) and cut with your machine. In order to use PixScan with your Silhouette cutter, you will need to buy the new PixScan mats and use Silhouette Studio version 3.1 that will be released very soon.

image from the Silhouette store

While I am excited to try PixScan, I am wary of version 3. As you may know, I didn't like many things about it (see my posts HERE and HERE) but I will give v3.1 a shot just so I can give PixScan a try. Click HERE to find out more about PixScan or HERE to join my Facebook discussion.

For those of you who cut a lot of vinyl with your Silhouette, this next product may interest you:

The Silhouette Roll Feeder looks like another good idea but it is $39.99! Ouch!

Oh lookie! Silhouette has finally done something about their not-so-useful pen holder. They have come out with a new one!

The 3-cap system reminds me of the old (discontinued, non-ratchet style) Silhouette blade. I'm not the most organized person and I was always afraid of misplacing and losing those caps! If you buy this new pen holder, be sure to keep the different adapters in a place where you can easily find them. They wouldn't be very useful when they are lost. Just sayin'.

There is also a new etching cream in the Silhouette Store now and...

... a new Business edition for Silhouette Studio is coming soon!

According to the Silhouette newsletter that I received, the features of this software include:

Multi-cutter support to control multiple Silhouette devices at once.

Automated weed line creation to automatically add weed lines for easy vinyl and heat transfer removal.

Matrix copy to create multiple copies of the same project with variable data as inserted by the user. This feature is ideal for making name tags and other personalized batch projects.

Advanced nesting preview mode automatically nests individual pieces in the Cut Preview to provide efficient usage of the material being cut, while maintaining the image's original positioning in the Design Preview mode allowing the user to continue editing and refining the design.

Job repeat to replicate a cut job multiple times uninterrupted.

Ai/EPS/Cdr file support to handle a broader range of file types.

The MSRP of the Business Edition is $99.99 and it is expected to launch at the end of August. There is no mention of whether it can save files to the SVG format.


Of all the new products, I am most excited about PixScan. I want to try it out but so far Silhouette Studio version 3 has not impressed me. I am really hoping that with the upcoming release of version 3.1, Silhouette America would have fixed the bugs and issues that made using Silhouette Studio version 3 so NOT fun to use.

Are you excited about the new Silhouette stuff? What are you buying? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or join my discussion HERE.


  1. Thanks for this very useful info, Jin.


  2. PixScan is the most exciting thing! Can't wait to give it a try! Thanks for the information!

  3. The new PixScan looks amazing! Can't wait to test it. With two kids and loving crafting it would make a great addiction.

  4. Do you know when 3.1 is coming out?

  5. Silhouette has posted that the update will be released sometime today (Monday). I just checked their site and it's not out yet but I will post on the blog when it is available.

  6. there does not seem to be a tutorial showing how the roll feeder actually works. Does anyone know where I view one