Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun with Mug Life Graffiti

So it's almost the end of the school year and I have been too busy to write a new tutorial to post on the blog. I did have fun playing with LD's Mug Life Graffiti. Here are a few things that I made.

This is a poster that I put together. I enjoy a good cup of coffee but I always appreciate when the barista take the time to make it pretty. I have taken hundreds of photos of latte art and it was fun to use some of that to make this with the LD graphics.

I also made some buttons (also known as flair) with Mug Life Graffiti. I'm going to make magnets out of some of these and I'll use the rest for embellishing a coffee-themed card. I think I will even use these to dress-up some Starbucks giftcard holders. They'll make the cards look super cute.

So what do you think? You likey? If you had missed out on getting the Mug Life Graffiti graphic set during the LD May Days, it is still available here.

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