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Monday, May 19, 2014

Blog Updates

I did some housekeeping on the blog over the weekend and I thought you should know that:

1. The Tips & Tutorials page have been updated. There are now over 122 tips and tutorials listed. Click HERE to check it out.

2. The Gallery has been updated, both on this blog and over at A Bunch of Cherries. There are now almost 580 entries on Click HERE to see what project you may have missed. If you are new to the gallery, please see THIS POST to learn how to use it effectively.

3. There are new blog buttons HERE and you are welcome to grab them for your blog. If you already have an UACT button on your page, it will automatically be replaced by a new one. Just refresh your page to see it.


  1. Hi Jin! First I want to say thanks for your awesome website. I have learned alot about LD and Silhouette from watching your tutorials and I love seeing what you are going to create next. I saw your post on the Popup Card Studio and finally took the plunge and bought it. And now I need HELP!!! I do not use MTC, so the format is a little intimidating to me. Do you have any tutorials on using it? Thanks for any help you can offer

  2. I was about to say EXACTLY the same things as Darlene! I took the plunge with MTC and Popup Card Studio. I look forward to being able to do some projects with SSDE and some with MTC, whichever best suits what I'm doing.
    Darlene, there are some tutorials from early in Jin's blog days about using MTC which might be a starting point for you to get used to Popup Card Studio?
    Thank you again, Jin, for both your great instruction and inspiration. You make me wish I had 3 sweet kids to design for. :-)

  3. Hi Darlene and Carol! :) You don't need MTC to use the Popup Card Studio. After you have made your pop-up card, just export it as an svg and you can open it with any cutting software that can import svg files. This includes Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, and MTC. If you are interested in learning about MTC, as Carol has mentioned, I have some tutorials on HERE. You will have to scroll all the way down the page because those tutorials were written some time ago. You can also find help, tutorials, and project ideas on the MTC forum.

    I have not made any tutorials for Popup Card Studio yet because I have not received many requests for it. If you go to the PCS site and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find the Learning Center. They are still working on that page but there is a link to an external site where there are tons of tutorials. I found this video on Susan's BlueRobot blog that will show you the how to make a basic word popup card with PCS.

  4. Thanks Jin and Carol. Well after 5 tries, I finally made my 1st successful pop up. I've watched a bunch of Susan's videos. I'm sure I will get the hang of the designing part with practice. I just seem to have trouble with the importing into Sil DE and knowing what to make dashed, what to make cute etc. I joined the MTC forum, but there doesnt seem to be many people on there using PCS to Sil. Maybe this summer, the girls will give you a little free time to make a video... pretty please. THX so much for all you do.

  5. Super cute new badges and icons you have!