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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tutorial: How to assemble the LD Bee Basket {Cut It/SVG}

I have a thing for little DIY treat bags and I was really drawn towards the bee basket from LD's Lil Peanuts Cut It Project. I couldn't wait to make it! However in my haste to complete the project, I made a couple of mistakes and ended up taking longer than I should. In case anyone is interested in making this treat holder, I wrote today's tutorial so you will not make the same mistakes that I did. The following step-by-step tutorial will show you how to assemble this bee basket.

Here are the cutouts that are needed for this project. I added in an extra black layer for the head to add some dimension to the basket. I'll explain more later in the post.

To assemble the basket, I started by creasing and folding along the score lines of all the layers and adhering the wings to the body of the bee with tape. You can totally use glue if that's what you prefer. Next, I attached the sides to the basket by gluing one side to the body at a time.

I wanted a little extra dimension to the basket so I cut out an additional black layer for the bee's head. This is so that I can adhere the head to the body with foam tape. If you prefer not to cut this additional layer, just glue the bee's head directly onto the basket.

To finish the basket, just glue the handle to the bee. Personally I find the handle rather short so I ended up using wire and beads for some of the baskets.

This project is not that difficult but you do need a fair amount of patience to put the basket together. I found that the hardest part is Step 4, and 5 where I had to glue the sides to the curvy part of the basket. Once I got a hang of that, the rest was pretty much a breeze.

The basket, when cut out at its default size, is rather small when assembled. It measures about 3" tall and 1.5" wide at its narrowest part, and 3" at its widest. I think the size is perfect for the kids. A handful of chocolate eggs with a lollipop or two, will fill up it up nicely.

File used:
Lil Peanuts Cut It Project (SVG)