Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New! Silhouette Studio version 3

Silhouette America has released Silhouette Studio version 3 this afternoon. There are a lot of new features including many new tools and features. Click HERE for the press release and HERE to download* the upgrade.

*At the time of this post, the Silhouette site is working really slowly. If you are unable to download now, check the site later.

adding this excerpt from the Silhouette newsletter:


  1. Hi Jin! Have you updated yet? I'm just wondering your opinion. I've heard too much negativity and now I'm afraid to update. I'd love to hear what you think.

    ~Krista J

    1. I just updated and so far I'm liking it. Click HERE for some screenshots and a mini review of sorts. :)

  2. I think they have removed the "manual detection" for registration marks. Sadly, that was the only way I could ever get my machine to ever even see the registration marks. I've been hitting their new "start" button to start cutting and the stupid blade housing searches for the registration marks for approximately 0.0001 seconds and then gives up. Ugh, back to the old version for me unless I happen to find the manual detect option soon...

  3. I was wondering if the upgrade was for the Design Studio, too, or just for the free version.

    After reading Anonymous' comment, I don't think I'll upgrade. I've been having trouble with the machine reading the registration marks, too. I actually think my problem is that the mat doesn't load far enough in so that it can see the marks.

    I guess I'll have to call customer support. I hope they can solve my problem.


  4. I am having the same trouble with registration marks. I tried adjusting with the arrows on the machine, but it "resets" before it tries to locate the registration marks.

  5. I upgraded to version 3 and it seems to me that it does not handle fonts as well as it previously did. I was making an ornate capital letter and it made a lot of the curves into sharp angles and thin areas, etc. I have used this font before and it cut beautifully. I am reverting to the older version, seems like maybe they've made the 'auto' digitizing less effective so you will have to buy files from them instead of making your own. If so, that's a bad idea.