Monday, April 7, 2014

Butter Fly!

Something good to eat
Butter flies out the window
Where did the bread go?
~ a haiku composed by the kids after I told them a butter fly joke. LOL!

My girls always get excited when they see a butterfly. They really like them. So I thought I would make a "butter fly"card just for them.

I think they're gonna love it. *giggle*

Here's how I did it:

To make a butter fly, I combined the butter image with a helicopter rotor. Using the Release Compound Path/Make Compound Path command, I modified the butter so that I don't have to guess where to glue the eyes. Cutting the eyes and the mouths from the top layer makes the positioning of the facial features more precise.

The card base was printed and trimmed manually while the main image was cut out of different colored cardstock and layered together.

Here's a random picture that I'm inserting into this post just because. These are erasers on a mini Ikea Expedit! The lid of the cup noodles actually open to reveal the noodles inside. So Kawaii!

Now let's watch my butter fly!

Files used:
Bread and Milk Cut Its/ SVG (butter)
Curiosity Cut Its/ SVG (helicopter rotor)
LDJ Owl Scrawl (font)
heart pattern paper by Silhouette

Action Wobbles spring


  1. LOVE the action wobble on the butter-fly!! So cute and creative!!!

  2. How cute Jin! I love the minatures too and the tiny expedit! I love Kawaii stuff too
    Deb Crowder

  3. Love, love, love it!!! You are soooo amazing!!!
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  4. At first I thought, does Jin know that butterfly is one word? Then I saw the card. How cute and funny! Gotta get me some of those action wobbles!

  5. Oh wow this is sensational! Love the spring action to make it wobble. Brilliant!!!