Friday, March 14, 2014

1, 2, 3, JUMP! {Panda umbrella card}

After having been reminded by Panda Girl that she really isn't into frogs (if you missed my earlier post about this, just click here to read it), and that it is actually her sister, Twin B, who has a froggy lovey, I had to make another card just for her.

Of course the card has to feature a panda umbrella. The problem is, the Puddle Jumping set only comes with a froggy-brella. What to do? I had to modify the file and make the panda-brella myself.

Luckily, I already have a panda svg that I love so the conversion was pretty straightforward. I used the Silhouette Studio knife tool to detach the froggy eyes from the umbrella and shifted them down a bit to turn them into panda ears. I ungrouped the panda face from the panda svg and laid it over the froggy umbrella. A little welding here and a little compound-path manipulation there, and I got my panda-brella!

Just like the froggy card, I made a shaped card base and print-and-cut that out with my Cameo. I added a little duckie this time because it is too cute to leave out. Besides, jumping in puddles is more fun with a friend and I thought that the girl-with-umbrella would appreciate a little duckie buddy.  

Here's a screenshot of the card:

Panda Girl was really pleased with her card this time. Of course she also complained that she doesn't really have a panda-brella in real life but she likes the card nonetheless. Twin B is just happy that there's a froggy-brella on her card. She loves her Froggy!

We were admiring the 'brellas when out of nowhere Twin A came into the craft room. She saw her sisters' cards, and turned to look at me.

"Mom.... I like penguins."


Files used:
Puddle Jumping Cut It set (SVG included)
Kawaii Kalendar Cut It set (SVG included)
Puddle Jumping Paper Pack (grey)
Tutu Cute Paper Pack (pink)
Zander Plays Paper Pack (blue stripes)
LD Cheer Captain font (available only as part of the School Spectacular font bundle)


  1. Since I'm not into frogs either, I totally understand. ;). Another adorable card!!

  2. Just amazing, Jin! Love how you create what you want by manipulating designs you already have! I wish my mind worked that way!! Love your tutorials...all I have learned, I learned from you! Please keep them coming...

  3. How stinkin cute is this card!!!! OH MY Jin you are amazing!
    Deb Crowder