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Monday, February 17, 2014

have a fairy special birthday {double-sided card}

The trick to making a double-sided card with SSDE (Sil Studio Designer Ed) lies in the "Center to Page" feature in the Align tool. Aligning the card in the center of the page for both the front AND the back of the card, ensures that the two sides of the card are in the exact same position. After printing the front of the card, just feed that same sheet of paper back into the printer to print the other side. Of course, you will have to note the direction that your printer prints so that the reverse side is printed correctly. By using this method, I came up with today's double-sided card.

I started by making a shaped card base and ended up printing on the front side and print-and-cut on the reverse.

The main fairy image on the card front was cut out from different colored cardstock and layered together with glue and foam tape.

The fairy measures 1.845"(w) x 5.29"(h) and her lips only 0.105" x 0.12". They are tiny! Using a cardstock to get a clean cut for a layer that small would be challenging and so I used a scrap piece of red vinyl instead. The Cameo did a beautiful job cutting the tiny shape out.

Once the fairy is pieced together, I glued it to the card front to complete the card.

If you have never made a double-sided card before, you may want to try with a basic shape first. A double-sided tag would be a good idea. Just remember to align it to the center of the page. Once you get the hang of it, it would be easy to progress to a double-sided card or you may even want to attempt a double-sided tri-fold card like the one I made HERE.

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  1. Hey Jin,

    You are bold! I have only attempted simple text on a double-sided card (inside and outside) and I felt like I was doing logical gymnastics to work out the paper feeding and everything. Awesome job and thanks for sharing that center page tip. I might just try it one of these days!

    1. Oh, I hope you do! The "Center-to-Page" command takes all the guess work out of double-sided printing! :)

  2. Jin! What a beautiful card! Thank you for making such a great tutorial for it. My niece will love getting a card like this for her birthday (She is going to be 8). Now to buy some vinyl. Haven't tried using vinyl yet.

  3. You are a GENIUS Jin! :) Thanks for sharing your info & creativity with us!!

  4. Jin, what a fantastic card. I look forward to your posts because I know that there will be something amazing in them each time, I would love more information about how this card came together. I understand the center to page and printing on both sides, but don't know how you made the shaped card and the Happy Birthday message. Would love more info on that. Thanks so much, Karen

  5. Love your card Jin! I've done some double sided printing and it's a lot of fun. The last card I did I forgot to note which end of the paper went in first so I had a little mishap with that one! Now I just put a little mark at the top so I won't forget!

  6. Love the card ..I especially love the way the texture of the paper looks ..what kind of paper did u use?