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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Doggy Dog House

Have you seen the new Doggy collection from LD? Here's an easy card idea:

Using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, I made a shaped card out of the dog house image. I wanted the dog to look as if it was sitting on the grass so I made an extra green layer by welding an oval to a copy of the black layer of the dog house.

As there was a lot of blank space on the card front, I thought I would add some text to fill it up just a little bit. However, I was out of white vinyl so I ended up using white contact paper instead.

Using the Vinyl settings in Silhouette Studio as a guide, I cut the text out with the Blade set at 2, and the Speed at 8. I lowered the Thickness from 9 to 5 as the contact paper was thinner than vinyl. The Cameo cut out the text beautifully!

To finish the card, I added a paw print that was cut out from black vinyl and used washi tape to add some patterns to the dog house.

Files used:
Doggy Dog cut it set
Doggy cut its  (dog house, paw print)



  1. That doggy is so cute! Love how you used washi tape on the dog house. Such a great idea to use contact paper and vinyl on cards!