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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Come Sail Away with me {plus FREE sentiment}

"MOM! Can you help me with Valentine treats for my class?"
"Me too! And don't forget to get birthday treats!"
"When are we making Seahawk shirts and buttons?"

All three kiddies were talking at the same time and trying to out talk one another.

"Are we going out for Chinese New Year dinner?"
"I want to go to the Lego store!" 
"No! It's Pajama Day!" 

It's only the first of a 2-day school break and my head was already spinning. There was only one thing that could make me feel better. I packed everyone into the car and drove to Hubby's office.

For lunch with Daddy. :-)

The girls are always excited to have lunch at Hubby's workplace. They think it's a treat. For an hour and a half I get to snicker and grin at Hubby's helplessness as he tries to handle his kids in the presence of his colleagues. While the girls are mostly well-behaved, they do gather a lot of attention when they chatter just that much louder than usual due to their excitement. It probably doesn't help that I like to dress them alike.

The girls took a long time to decide what they want to eat and of course, they ended up wanting different food from three different vendors. I felt a pinch (just a teeny tiny pinch) of guilt when I see Hubby join three different lines before heading back for a fourth time to get lunch for himself. Then again, I deal with their meals at home all the time and it was nice to see him deal with that for a change.

As much as we adore the kids and can't imagine going anywhere without them, Hubby and I sometimes fantasize about going on a vacation together. Just me and him. We could go to the amusement park and get on the roller coaster ride that the kids have always been too afraid to get on. We could order only spicy foods at the restaurant instead of non-spicy kiddie meals. We could even go on a romantic sunset cruise. Just the two of us. We'll bring champagne, fruits, and cheese, and maybe even a.....

"Mom! When are we going on a Disney cruise again?"
"Yah! When?! Can we still go to the Kids' Club?"
"I want ice-cream!"


Should've gotten on that boat ride before we had kids.

Files used:

Paper (all from 6x6 paper pads):
LOVE ME, My Mind's Eye
VALENTINE, Recollections (Michael's)


  1. Love your work and your family enthusiam. Thanks so much!

  2. I laughed at your story. When my youngest (of 2) was a senior in high school, my husband and I went on a trip with a group from work to Las Vegas. 7 days! No kids! I suddenly realized we had not had a vacation without kids for 20 years. It was heavenly! And a nice reminder of the fact that before there were 4 of us we were a couple because we liked it that way. While I love my kids, I am really loving having just the 2 of us now that the kids are adult. And that is the best part of everything. Something for you to look forward to...

  3. OOOOOhhhh!!! I can´t close my mouth! I really love it!!!!! I share it on Internet with all my friends!!!!

  4. Your stories are just as much fun to read as your cards are to behold. Love the subtle wind billowing out the sails, Jin! :D

  5. Jin, my hubby and I lived away from family when the kids were little and we took them with us everywhere. When we went home and had a chance to get away for a week, we missed them so much, we only lasred three days and had to come home and hug them.

  6. Jin, I hear you!!! I can so relate to your situation. Its the same thing, same story with my 2 kids. Mom, mom ah the never ending call for mom!!! We haven't been on a vacation hubby and I since we got the kids. I mean we love them but sometimes, just for once, we would love to take some time off!!!
    Guess the boat side is not that near but just hold on, they will grow in a wink and hopefully, you and hubby will take that vacation. Enjoy them while they're young, right?

  7. Love the card and the story... I'm grinning ear to ear! I remember those days, being exasperated and wishing for a short kid-free vacation. Who am I kidding, my only child is almost 13 and I'm still hoping for that vacation!!! The only difference now is that I know in just a few short years he'll be going off to college and I'll be crying that I miss him ;-) For now, we steal away for an occasional lunch date!

  8. Jin I love your story and your cards. Thanks for sharing.