Friday, January 17, 2014

NEW Must-Haves! Ice Princess and Snow Cool.

Heads up, fans of LD's princesses! LD released their new Ice Princess collection today and it's a must-have!

Did you notice that there are two Alphabets in the release? One is a Cut Its (cutting file)!

The Snow Cool collection is also new to the LD store. It'll be cool to use for Valentines.

Speaking of Valentines, LD has brought back the Animal Boxes and Bags. Some of you may recall that they used to have the set as an svg but it was retired. I had several folks asking about it and so I requested that LD bring it back and they did! It has been revived as a Cut Its. Yay!

One more thing, don't forget your coupons! Use the code Create2014 to take $3 off $10 or WhoLetTheDogOut to take $10 off $30.

I'll be posting today's freebies in a separate post in a little bit. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Jin. Can i ask what paper you used for the background? The light blue paper with snowflakes? oh and i might as well ask about the pennants as well. :) Thanks so much for the inspiration!!