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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hubby has a fondness for the LOVE sculpture and I was not surprised that he mentioned it when I asked if he had any ideas for a pop-up card.

Using Make-the-Cut (MTC), I traced the LOVE image and saved it as an svg file. Next, I used that svg with the Pop-up Card Studio (PCS) software to make a pop-up layer which I re-exported as another svg. Finally I opened that last svg in Silhouette Studio DE and print-and-cut it out with my printer and my Silhouette Cameo.

This is a screenshot from Silhouette Studio DE:

After the print-and-cut, I adhered the pop-up layer onto a card base. The finished card measures about 2.25" by 3.25".


  1. Gorgeous! Would you consider selling the .studio file?

  2. Me too! These little cards are amazing! xxx

  3. So cute. It's times like this I wish my computer wasn't a Mac.

  4. Gorgeous, Jin! You can actually start selling these files, you know! I'd buy a collection from you! Seriously! Love you,

  5. I'm confused as to why you needed to use so many different software packages to create the physical card. By chance do you have a prior post that explains, or could you kindly consider sharing insights in a future post that would help to turn the lights on for me? I guess I was thinking this could all be done in any one of these SW packages, but that the pop up card SW just made it easier to create pop up cards. If it takes three SW packages to create a card it definitely doesn't sound easier.


    1. There are several ways to do this but for this card, I chose to trace the image in MTC because I needed to export it as an SVG and Sil Studio does not allow me to do that. If I had started out with the image in an svg format in the first place, I wouldn't have needed to use MTC at all. In that case, I would have just used the svg to make the pop-up in PCS and print-and-cut with SSDE.

  6. I am totally loving all these fun pop ups you are making!!! Keep them coming!

  7. I LOVE this card! Any chance that you will either sell/post the SVG cut file?

  8. Y'all, Silhouette has a cut that is very similar.